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Let's collect your bills

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CRB Agency

With the licensing of Credit Reference Bureaus, there has come a need for wide reach for various persons countrywide.

Private Investigation

It is not possible to pursue a debtor before you are able to substantively collect data about the same person.

Debt Collection

The clientele base for which we offer this service ranges from small firms to the corporate base.

This is a service we have carried out over a period of FOURTEEN (14) years as BLUERIBBONS INVESTMENTS, a sole trader entity but have now incorporated BLUERIBBONS HOLDINGS LIMITED in 2015 to transitionally take up the same business in view of our strategy and growth. The clientele base for which we offer this service ranges from small firms to the corporate base. We have continued to offer very competitive services on this field with our main motto being that the relationship between the debtor and our principal instructors is maintained, or where it did not exist, revived.

Debt Collection Services Offered

Bank Loans

We do pursue the mobile phone loans, charge-offs, write-offs, small micro-enterprise and secured loans. The unsecured loan defaulters are spread all over the market and are therefore reachable vide our call centre.Where contacts are unavailable, we use our links with the various government agencies through our skip-trace team to track and send field staff for a personal assessment touch of ability/inability to pay.

Utility and Hospital Bills

These include but not limited to: Electricity & Water bills, Entertainment bills such as DSTV, Medical bills among others. We receive instructions from the various service providers and move to physically trace the respective debtors. From our database, we do realize that debtors are common among institutions hence, when a debtor moves out of one premise to another; they are normally up to evading consumed bills. In such instances, we do skip trace to ascertain the same.

Trade Debts

These are debts resulting from either purchase of goods on credit from various suppliers, manufacturers and/or retailers for sales of goods and services. Various suppliers do give their goods and services on full or partial credit but end up being let down when the time for payment comes forth. We normally undertake these instructions to pursue the debtors and arrive at an amicable repayment programme acceptable to both parties. These we continue to monitor till full payments are made or the debt fully settled.

University Loans

These are loans granted to needy university students through the HIGHER EDUCATIONS LOANS BOARD [HELB]. We are currently on their panel of collectors and are glad to be associated with them.

This service runs parallel to Debt Collection since it comes first. It is not possible to pursue a debtor before you are able to substantively collect data about the same person. Private investigation is a very sensitive service only offered to the corporate clientele for commercial purposes only. Since there is no formal license for this in the local market, we always endeavor to ensure all our staff undertaking the same have police certificates. Our clients in this category so far are law firms, all lending institutions, various essential service providers and hospitals.

Private Investigation Services Offered

Physical Address

This will include the physical place of residence, work place or place of birth. These details are normally forwarded to our field agents who visit the debtor physically to have a one on one discussion on to repay the debt owed.

Telephone Contacts

We partner with various government security agencies and mobile service providers to help us reach out to millions of individual contacts out there. This we do in line with with personal data security policies as provided by the law.

Asset Tracing

It’s always important to investigate and determine all the assets linked and earned by individual debtors, their next of kin and family members to fully understand the capabilities of such individuals in settling the debts owed.

Blueribbons Holdings Limited is a limited liability company registered under the Companies Act on 14th August 2015. In it is the continued incorporation of BLUERIBBONS INVESTMENTS which started as a Debt Collection firm in May 2002. It only handled bad debts for individuals. Our corporate clientele base has continued to rise and includes major commercial banks, utility service providers, and distributors of goods.
Our firm is committed to offering reliable, efficient and value-added services at competitive rates whilst maintaining the highest levels of ethical and moral standards. We are keen to be distinguished in three different areas of debt management, private investigation and process service.

Meet our team

Our Team is not only down to earth but also well motivated and always willing to take full responsibility of their day to day duties.

Tito Omore

Chief Executive Officer

Titus Juma

Head of Finance and Admin

Phelix Otieno

Head of Operations

Millicent Orao

Head of ICT

Agnes Onyango

Client Team Leader

Angela Achieng

Client Team Leader

Mercy Ouko

Client Team Leader

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